Francisco Alonso

Francisco Alonso López (9 May 1887 – 18 May 1948) was a Spanish composer of popular theatre music and zarzuelas.

Alonso's music is funny, cheerful, easy melody and with a popular accent. He excelled in pasodobles and chotis, which he impressed with grace and ease. Many of his works are still highly valued, as the pasacalle ''Los Nardos'', the chotis ''El Pichi'', both from ''Las Leandras'', the chotis ''Tabaco'' and cerillas from the revue ''Las de Villadiego'' or the song ''Maitechu mía'' (both with lyrics by Emilio González del Castillo). He wrote also two pasodobles for fiestas in the city of Alicante, Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, titled ''La festa del poble'', premiered in 1934, and ''La Nit de San Joan'' 1934, a ''pasodoble foguerer'' for band, chorus and bass soloist. He also was elected president of the General Society of Authors of Spain. Provided by Wikipedia

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