Dynamic nuclear polarization at 700MHz/460GHz

We describe the design and implementation of the instrumentation required to perform DNP-NMR at higher field strengths than previously demonstrated, and report the first magic-angle spinning (MAS) DNP-NMR experiments performed at ¹H/e⁻ frequencies of 700 MHz/460 GHz. The extension of DNP-NMR to 16.4...

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Main Authors: Herzfeld, Judith, Barnes, Alexander, Markhasin, Evgeny, Daviso, Eugenio, Michaelis, Vladimir K., Nanni, Emilio Alessandro, Jawla, Sudheer K., Mena, Elijah L., DeRocher, Ronald C, Thakkar, Ajay V, Woskov, Paul P, Temkin, Richard J, Griffin, Robert Guy
Other Authors: Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory
Format: Article
Published: Elsevier 2017
Online Access:http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/110466

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