Measurement of the relative prompt production rate of χ c2 and χ c1 in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV

A measurement is presented of the relative prompt production rate of χ c2 and χ c1 with 4.6 fb ⁻¹ of data collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV. The two states are measured via their radiative decays χ c →J/ψ+γ, with the photon converting into an e + e - pair for...

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Main Authors: CMS Collaboration, Apyan, Aram, Bauer, Gerry P, Bendavid, Joshua L., Busza, Wit, Butz, Erik M., Cali, Ivan Amos, Chan, Matthew Hans, Dutta, Valentina, Gomez-Ceballos, Guillelmo, Goncharov, Maxim, Hahn, Kristian Allan, Kim, Y., Klute, Markus, Krajczar, Krisztian F., Li, Wei Jia, Luckey Jr, P David, Ma, Teng, Nahn, Steven, Paus, Christoph M. E., Ralph, Duncan Kelley, Roland, Christof E, Roland, Gunther M, Rudolph, Maja, Stephans, George S. F., Stoeckli, Fabian, Sumorok, Konstanty C, Sung, Kevin Kai Hong, Velicanu, Dragos Alexandru, Wenger, Edward Allen, Wolf, Roger, Wyslouch, Boleslaw, Yang, Ming, Yilmaz, Yetkin, Yoon, A. S., Zanetti, Marco
Other Authors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Physics
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Published: Springer-Verlag 2018
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