Beam-energy and system-size dependence of dynamical net charge fluctuations

We present measurements of net charge fluctuations in Au+Au collisions at √[subscript s[superscript [NN]]=19.6, 62.4, 130, and 200 GeV, Cu+Cu collisions at √[subscript s[superscript [NN]]=62.4 and 200 GeV, and p+p collisions at √s=200 GeV using the dynamical net charge fluctuations measure ν[subscri...

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Main Authors: Sakuma, Tai, Miller, M. L., Millane, Julie M., Kocoloski, Adam Philip, Jones, Christopher LaDon, Hoffman, A. M., Balewski, Jan T., Surrow, Bernd
Other Authors: Lincoln Laboratory
Format: Article
Published: American Physical Society 2010
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