Systematic measurements of identified particle spectra in pp, d+Au, and Au+Au collisions at the STAR detector

Identified charged-particle spectra of π[superscript ±], K[superscript ±], p, and p̅ at midrapidity (|y|<0.1) measured by the dE/dx method in the STAR (solenoidal tracker at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) time projection chamber are reported for pp and d+Au collisions at √[s[subscript...


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Autores Principales: Sakuma, Tai, Miller, M. L., Millane, Julie M., Kocoloski, Adam Philip, Hoffman, A. M., Balewski, Jan T., Surrow, Bernd
其他作者: Lincoln Laboratory
格式: Artículo
出版: American Physical Society 2010
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